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Double Wedding Ring at the Vermont Quilt Festival

I started getting some scrappy blues together and prewashing yardage.  More than 40 different blues, from grayish blues to turquoise, will make these quilts sparkle!  

So what is in your kit?  Well, we will have: 

  • 16 Large Center pieces in White

  • 40 Melon slices, also in White

  • 320 Center arc pieces, of more than 40 different blue fabrics

  • 160 End Arc pieces, including reverse cuts*

  • 80 Squares for the connecting four patch areas.

All of these pieces are die cut - NOT TEMPLATE CUT.  That makes them accurate, with matching notches included, so we can concentrate on the learning of techniques in this class and get 'er done!


So I still have more laundry, but then there will be much more to do to get ready for you!   I will be starching before cutting, too, and lots and lots of counting and checking as I package up your kits! 


Be sure to sign up for the class!

* the arc's reversed piece will be explained in class, I promise!

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