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The IntelliQuilter System Reference Guide and Workbook is available here!  

Welcome to

That's Sew Special!



Established in 1998, we offer traditional
craftsmanship and outstanding  
workmanship, meant to honor and complement your quilting needs.


Call us to schedule an appointment,
we look forward to meeting you >>

Are you interested in making quilts and having fun?  Come to Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes

The Vermont Quilt Festival has been cancelled, as have my trip arrangements.  If you are looking for classes on quiltmaking and a fun weeklong event, please check out Quilt Camp in October!

From quilting your pieced top to giving a talk for your guild on judging, find out what we can do!
Both in-house and traveling classes are offered on a variety of topics.
Order the book! 
Take a class!
Schedule a guild presentation or class, or attend one at the studio!
Get expert help to finish your quilt top; check out the video tour offered here!
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