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Longarm Quilting- 

A Personal Investment


A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention.


Meet with Linda in person or correspond via email and choose the direction you want to go with your quilt.  Experienced with all-over design, specialized design, and custom intricate quilting stitches.

 Our Services:


  • Affordable Quality Quilting (Link to Popular Designs)
  • Memory Quilts, constructed with quality techniques
  • Mending and repairs to treasured quilts
  • Teaching - Basic Piecing to Longarm Quilting
  • Teaching - IntelliQuilter Computer Guided Classes
  • Judging - experienced and confident since 2006
  • Guild Presentations - on a variety of subjects, ranging from 'Preparing Your Quilt for Your Longarm Quilter' to 'Quilt Show Judging' and 'Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes'
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Vintage GFG Closeup.jpg
Quilted for Rhoda L.
Vintage Christmas Quilt
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