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That's Sew Special!

Immersed in quilt making and all that can encompass, here we are all about the process and the message behind the quilt making.  More than 25 years in quilts has taught me many lessons, let me share some of them with you today!

Our History


Linda started making quilts when her first child was born in 1986, and used quilting as a type of therapy ever since.  That's Sew Special! is now specializing in quilt making education; a sewing venture that began with crafts and wall hangings in 1986, grew to encompass Longarm Quilting in 2001, and became the first Computerized Longarm Quilting Rental Studio in Ohio in 2012. Located in Northeast Ohio, between Akron and Canton, Linda lives with her wonderfully supportive and generous husband, Bob, and one spoiled cat, Mona.


Just to stay busy and out of as much trouble as possible, Linda has been a member of several groups - perhaps you know of some of them:

The American Quilting Society (AQS)

Buckeye Machine Quilters

Country Piecemakers

International Machine Quilters Association (IMQA)

The National Quilting Association (NQA)

Ohio LongArm Quilters (OLAQ)

Ohio Quilts!

Linda first started judging quilt shows in 2005, and found that she loved the quick pace of the task and the sense of accomplishment that comes with a very full day!  As a busy Professional Longarm Quilter, Linda would see a quilt show come through the business doors every month! She has been blessed by a wide variety of customers, from the most precise to the not-so-picky, from the 'takes all the quilt shop classes' type to the 'this is the way Grandma taught me'.  With such a variety, she has been pressed to quilt heirloom and meanders, and everything in between!  No longer quilting for others, Linda is eager to share her love of quilt show judging with others through guild presentations and mentoring. 


Our Expertise


Lifelong learning is a personal philosophy.

We continue to learn about the new trends in the industry, and the new methods and tools.  Traveling may take up some of the calendar, but it keeps the quilting fresh and fun.  Our experience lends itself to organizing events, such as the Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes, an event now past it's 40th year.  Check out more about Quilt Camp on it's own website,



Our Commitment


Our focus is on your satisfaction.


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