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Short and Sweet

New quilt, new chance to use the IQ! Here I show you how I realign and how I stitch a perfect panto on this cute quilt! If you like the results, check out the videos below -

Here is a series of short videos to show you as best as I can how I stitch pantos with perfection!

So, the video setting up the pantograph bombed, and I apologize. My customer chose a grid, and I oversized the block so that I had plenty of pattern. I clip the edges, a step that I show in the last video, so be patient, and keep watching.......

After the first pass, I took the opportunity to get up close with the camera -

Obviously, I am not an expert at this technique, but I am stuborn enough to keep trying!

WOW, what a day that was. I just hope it helps you see how I deal daily with the quilt's movement, and stitch accurate passes each and every time with IQ!

Thank you for watching and reading, and please email me any comments or questions.

(HI Becky!)


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