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Reviews received - Thank You!


Our book launch has been well received, thank you to all who sent emails with words of support.  Here are a few samples of what IQ owners are saying about the new book!  


From Emily


Hi Linda,

I just placed an order for your new book.  If it is as good as the three that I have, I am really excited about it. 


From Cecelia


Thanks for my new IQ Book. I like the lay out of the new book, just would have liked it better if the print was larger and on white background, as I 'am getting older I fine this to be inporten...but thank you, keep up the good work


From Donna


I recd my new manual yesterday and started reading thru and think the exercises will be excellent too.  Thanks for the terrific reference guide and work book!  Well done!


From Helen


IThe book arrived today - wow - it’s a quality product and I think that it will be very useful to so many.


From Judy


Hi Linda,


I’m so excited to get your new book.

I have needed something like this for so long, have really struggled getting the custom quilting to my liking.  I plan to study and study and if I can’t get it figured out then, I just might have to plan a trip to Uniontown and do some 3 hours classes. 

Thanks for your hard work in getting it printed. 


From Beth


I just wanted to take a minute and send you a note thanking you for writing the IQ book.  I think it is going to help me so much as I am in Metro Atlanta without a local IQ Rep and feel so lost and alone when I have a question or problem.  I also want to say that I think the price is very fair as IQ users are a small group compared to other sewing groups and the time and effort I am sure you put into the book is worth more than $99!!!  


I put my order in yesterday and I can't wait for it to arrive. 


Thanks again for doing this!!!


From Nancy


Thank You Thank You Thank YOU!!  I am so thankful that you love the craft of longarming, the Intelliquilter, and are so willing to put so much hard work into organizing, writing and publishing a book.  I would pay double the price, and I am so looking forward to receiving your book!  You can sign it for me <g>  Cheers!!


From Pat


Hi Linda. Congratulations on the printing of this book. I am sure it will be a great help to all of the IQ users out there. Wishing you success.


From Patrice


Thanks so much for writing this book.  Cannot wait to get my hands on it!


Warm Regards,

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