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Easy Fix using Line Pattern (IQ)

Here is a smallish Double Wedding Ring I have recently finished for a class sample.

As I was finishing the binding, I found a loose thread that led me to a section that somehow I did not see when I was quilting. Just a small section of three arcs on one pieced arc of the quilt. See the safety pin and then find that again in the second picture -

So let's go through the steps for this easy fix! First, I needed to find and match the thread correctly of course, and wind a bobbin. That wasn't too bad. Next, since the quilt is bound, I decided to pin the edge to the machine's leader and use my handy clamps to stabilize it. It only takes a few pins and even less clamps, since I am working on such a small section of the quilt.

As you can see, it isn't even important to have it 'straight'. Just secure and off you go!

Next, start up the machine, thread it and turn on IQ!

From the Main Menu, I chose Design/Sew Quilt. Then I chose Start New, and answered the pop-up questions regarding the current workspace use.

Next is Add Pattern/Block. Did you know that Line Pattern doesn't require a block to place it into? SEW EASY! Now I recorded the next section so you can see what I did next -

Hope you liked this little video! Fixing the DWR quilt was really quick and easy with IQ. I could have stitched those arcs with the domestic or the longarm freehand, but then I know I would have had messy results! These arcs look just like the first ones! You do need to know the height of your arcs, and sometimes I use .25 (a quarter inch) and other times I have been known to use .2 (on tiny piecing). Here is a pic of the finished section of quilt -

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